Friday, January 27, 2017

2017 the year of TalkLane OPTION

Every Thing, a Body or an Entity has a beginning and so does TalkLane OPTION.

In the year 2016, was born, notably in the Chinese Almanac year of the Monkey. It started with a production of video interviews of a spectrum of people in various walks of life on the theme of Change. TalkLane has its birth place in the country of Malaysia by a change extraordinaire based on his published track record. See Latest News.

As 2016 ended, right on the eve of the Chinese New Year of the Rooster on 27 Jan 2017, is born starting with this first blog post.

Two Malaysians, one in the Western world in the capital city of USA and the other in the Eastern world, in the Capital and City State of Singapore began a draft preface of their book that was planned to be published soon in 2017. They both share an Alma Mater in Kuala Lumpur where several notable leaders of the private and government sector of the country had their middle schooling there. They include a prime minister, a head of state or a Sultan in Malaysia, a head of an International bank, a Microsoft country manager plus many others successful in their own right.

Here is an excerpt of the preface of their book,

"In deciding to write this book, we hope to bring a different perspective through our combined experience. We grew up in a multiracial urban environment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as high school classmates who graduated in the mid 1970s. From our youth to adulthood, the pace of global change never ceased to impress and transform us. Over several decades, we journeyed across multiple geographies, cultures, universities, languages, disciplines, and community and organizational settings. As Malaysia radically transformed from a natural resource-based to technologically-driven economy,we witnessed first-hand what historian Niall Ferguson chronicles in The West And The Rest of non-Western nations gradually “downloading killer apps” --  --  competition, science, the rule of law, modern medicine, consumerism, and the work ethic. We worked to help others to adapt to the technological changes which made our adulthood different from our youth. Whether advising on introducing mobile telecommunications in the Sahara, or providing software consultancy in Asia, we engaged directly in the transformation of communities and businesses worldwide. As parents, we saw our children follow technology-enabled learning pathways radically different from our own and on different continents. We also watched our own parents and elders cope with and adapt to a world radically different from the one into which they were born a century ago."

Look out for major conferences, local interviews and workshops organized by TalkLane in your area to learn of the OPTION that can be usefully adapted and applied to diverse individuals and organizational settings, regardless of culture or economic status.



  1. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. Thanks mate. Paddle surfing with you in the cold waters of Torquay certainly sharpened my brain to balance like the Aussies do and be more creative in my writings!